Feb 132014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


Decrim actWe are happy to announce that Representative Todd has filed HB486- the Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act, and it has been filed in the Alabama House Judiciary Committee.

When passed HB-486 , the Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act, will remove criminal penalties for the possession of one ounce of marijuana or less. Under the provisions of this bill, marijuana would be a violation and punishable by a fine of up to $100.

Prohibition Facts

Since being established as a schedule one drug by the passage of the Controlled Substances Act, more than 23 million Americans have been arrested for simple possession.

Every comprehensive, objective government commission that has examined the marijuana phenomenon throughout the past 100 years has recommended that adults should not be criminalized for using marijuana.

Fifty-five percent of Americans believe possession of small amounts of marijuana should not be treated as a criminal offense.

The arbitrary criminalization of tens of millions of Americans who consume marijuana results in a large-scale lack of respect for the law and the entire criminal justice system.

Because marijuana is typically used in private, trampling the Bill of Rights is a routine part of marijuana law enforcement.

It is quite simple, it is time that the state of Alabama stop putting people in jail for the use and possession of a plant.

I urge you to join Ron Crumpton 2014 and Alabama Safe Access Project-ASAP in supporting HB-486, the Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act by signing the following email petition to the —-


Support HB-486, the Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act

Members of the Alabama House Judiciary Committee,


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