Dec 032013
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


13849407-largeMONTGOMERY AL. – On Wednesday, November 27, Governor Bentley took one-step over the line in his opposition of Medicaid expansion when he accused the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama at Birmingham of conducting “bogus” studies.

The governor’s comments were in response to being asked why he was being inconsistent in supporting incentives for companies to bring jobs to Alabama but opposing Medicaid expansion.

In an eruption of stupidity, Dr. Gov. Bentley said, “You don’t produce a new doctor in a year. I went to school 24 years to become a doctor. You don’t produce these type people immediately,” and that “the studies are all bogus.”

According to two studies, one from the University of Alabama and one from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Medicaid expansion would provide medical coverage for over 300,000 Alabamians that currently have no medical coverage. This may not create more physicians, but it would create more paying patients for doctors and a greater need for doctors, which trickles down to a need for more nurses, and other support personnel.

According to the study, Medicaid expansion would provide:

– 11,290 jobs in health care and social assistance.

– 6,390 jobs in retail trade.

– 5,490 jobs in professional, scientific and technical services.

– 1,423 jobs in administrative and other support services.

– 1,247 jobs in accommodation and food service.

– 1,095 jobs in the finance and insurance industry.

– $20 billion in new economic activity

– $935 million in tax revenue for the state.

More important than the governor not understanding the fundamental principles of supply and demand, is the fact that he would accuse UAB and the University of Alabama of conducting bogus studies.

Almost everyone in the state of Alabama is familiar with UAB’s standing in the medical community. The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a leader, not only in medical research and care; they are a leader in the business of medicine and medical policy.

For the governor to accuse UAB and the University of Alabama of conducting “bogus” studies in order to further his own political agenda is beyond reprehensible.

Bogus does not mean that they are wrong, or mistaken. It means that they are counterfeit or fake, not genuine. In other words, you accused the universities of issuing studies that they know to be untrue.

Quite simply, Governor Bentley is lying through his teeth and it is time that the people of Alabama hold him accountable for his actions.

I urge you to join me in demanding that the governor do his job and stand up for the people of Alabama and not the insurance and pharmaceutical companies and implement Medicaid expansion…or resign.

If you support the patients of Alabama, and believe we should take advantage of the economic activity Medicaid expansion would create, please the following petition.

Governor Bentley: Implement Medicaid Expansion... Or RESIGN

Governor Bentley,


397 signatures

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