Oct 212014


By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11
Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was booked at the Lee County Jail on 23 counts of public corruption.

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was booked at the Lee County Jail on 23 counts of public corruption.

As a candidate for public office, the question that I am asked the most, why are you running for office?

The answer is simple.

In 5 years as an activist working in the statehouse, I have seen enough to know that I have seen too much.

I have seen a legislature that has, through threats and intimidation, became an instrument to rubber stamp the agenda of a limited few in the Republican elite, and now the leader of that elite group has been indicted on 23 charges of public corruption.

In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty, but during my time in Montgomery, I have seen too much not to believe that most of these charges are completely accurate.

The Speaker, along with many of the commenters on press articles, Facebook and Twitter, has tried to explain this as a political attack by Democrats, which is a laughable conclusion for three reasons.

  1. This investigation is being run by a Republican Attorney General’s office.
  2. With Republicans holding a supermajority in the legislature, along with every statewide office, Democrats do not have the ability to launch such a political attack in this state.
  3. Both W. Van Davis, Acting Attorney General in the case, and Matt Hart, chief of the special prosecutions unit, have a reputation of not giving a damn about party affiliation… they enforce the law.

These indictments show the state of pay for play politics in Montgomery where our legislature is for sale to the big business elites in this state. The names mentioned in the indictments are a “Who’s Who” in Alabama business. The question remaining is, were their actions criminal, and will they be prosecuted.

In addition, several of these actions are not the kind of thing that the speaker could have accomplished by himself. He had to have accomplices in the legislature. Who were those accomplices? Will more indictments be forthcoming?

We know that Greg Wren participated in one of the counts because he plead guilty, and Rep. Barry Moore has been indicted on perjury charges, but what about Hubbard’s other top lieutenants like Sen. Del Marsh, Rep. Micky Hammon and Rep. Jim McClendon. How deep is there involvement?

If these men, and others, were not involved in wrongdoing, they were too close to the Speaker not to know that illegal actions were taking place, and that is not acting in the best interest of those they serve.


I will stand up to wrongdoing, I will shine a light on corruption in Montgomery, but I need your help!

My opponent has vast financial resources at his disposal. With your contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to my campaign, you can ensure that our voices are represented in the election and then in the Senate.

Oct 202014


Crunch Time Canvasing with Ron -1Over the next two weekends, the campaign will be canvassing in several of the cities of District 11.

We are asking everyone, who supports the campaign, to come out and help us spread the word. This is when your support matters most.  You can make a difference in these final days.

Below are links to the Facebook event page for all of the events. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Crunch Time Canvasing with Ron-1

We will be in Pell City on Saturday, October 25.


We will be in Sylacauga on Sunday, October 26.

Crunch Time Canvasing with Ron col-1

We will be in Columbiana on Saturday, November 1.

Crunch Time Canvasing with Ron Moody-1

We will be in Moody on Sunday, November 2.

We look forward to seeing you!!!


The Campaign needs your support now more than ever. We need to come up with $2500 by Wednesday, 10/22/14, in order to pay for our final weeks ad-buy.

I will fight to bring new jobs and new opportunities to the people of Alabama, but to do this I need your support.

My opponent has vast financial resources at his disposal. With your contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to my campaign, you can ensure that our voices are represented in the election and then in the Senate.

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Oct 082014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11


Mcclendon who is he working for

Every four years, the people of Alabama go to the polls to elect leaders to represent their concerns in Montgomery, the people they elect have a great impact on their everyday lives, so why do we continue to elect leaders who act in their own best interest, and not the best interest of the people?

Jim McClendon has served three terms in the Alabama House of Representatives, and now he is asking you to elect him to the State Senate, but has he acted in your best interest or his own?

In 2012, one of the non-profits that I manage launched an email campaign in support of medical marijuana legislation that had been assigned to the House Committee on Health. McClendon responded to at least 17 citizens of the state of Alabama by telling them that, “The inundation of emails to members of the Health Committee is no more than harassment and does not advance your cause.” (Birmingham News)

That is a member of the house leadership trying to intimidate those who dare to raise an issue.

Someone should inform Mr. McClendon that the people he would intimidate are those for whom he works and it is not only his job to listen to their concerns, it is a duty of his office under both the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Alabama. For him accuse them of harassment in an attempt to suppress their concerns through intimidation is an abuse of his position and it is against the best interest of all concerned… and that is corruption.

Later that same year, at the request of the House Committee on Health, chaired by Representative Jim McClendon, the Medical Association of the State of Alabama (MASA) conducted a survey of Alabama physicians in order to determine where they stood on the issue of medical marijuana.

The reason for requesting the survey was obvious. Jim McClendon and MASA president Michael Flanagan thought that the physicians in Alabama would reject the use of medical marijuana and that, as they say, would be that.

According to MASA Executive Director Cary Kuhlmann, the results of the survey were inconclusive.

Exactly how is a survey inconclusive? The doctors answered questions, you add up the “yes” answers for each question, the “no” answers for each question, and you list the appropriate percentages.

The survey that Jim McClendon and Michael Flanagan were counting on to kill this issue has never been released.

MASA told the Montgomery Advertiser that the health committee requested the study, Jim McClendon told WBRC 6 that he did not order the survey, but even though the health committee is his responsibility, he has refused to say who ordered the study, or address why the results were not released.

This is an orchestrated effort by McClendon and others to hide valuable information, which could have a profound influence on the healthcare decisions of all Alabamians, because the information contradicts their own personal views… and that is corruption.

This year, according to members of Pell Cities City council, Jim McClendon killed a bill that would have permitted the sale of alcohol on Sunday because it is an election year and he is “trying to get into the Senate.”

Sunday sales are an important issue in many communities in Alabama because many of the big chain restraints depend on alcohol sales during NFL games. This is important for any city when trying to recruit new businesses, but for a lake front locale that is trying to build itself as more of a resort area, as Pell City is trying to do, it is of major importance.

For a politician to kill important legislation rather than giving it its day in the legislature because it is an election year is an example of a politician abusing his authority in order to sustain his power… and that is corruption.

On November 4, you can vote for Jim McClendon who has a history of intimidating his constituents, burying reports and avoiding important issues for personal reasons, or you can vote for Ron Crumpton, who believes that the purpose of government is to represent the people and not his own interests.

It sounds like an easy decision to me.


I will fight to bring new jobs and new opportunities to the people of Alabama, but to do this I need your support.

My opponent has vast financial resources at his disposal. With your contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more to my campaign, you can ensure that our voices are represented in the election and then in the Senate.

Oct 022014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11

We dont need the stinking truth!It is one thing for a political campaign to dispute the merits of its opponents argument, the figures in their projections, or even the purpose of ones proposals, but when a political campaign uses lies and rampant exaggeration in order to unjustly malign their opponent, they are attempting to win your vote through dishonesty and that person is not qualified to hold the position they seek.

In an article posted on the Alabama Political Reporter, St. Clair County Republican Party Chairman, and a member of the McClendon campaign, Lance Bell said that McClendon’s opponent is for legalizing drugs and supports an agenda that won’t go over well with the people of St. Clair County.

This is an attempt by the McClendon campaign to convince people that I am for the legalization of drugs. Something that is so reprehensible to the people of District 11 that they do not have to mention what my other positions are because those positions are surely just as unacceptable as the first one. If they are not, then the first one is bad enough.

The problem is that the proposition is just not true.

They are trying to turn my support for marijuana reform into “Ron Crumpton wants to legalize drugs.”

I do not want to legalize drugs. Drugs are a plague on our nation and I have publicly argued on many occasions that I believe that if we legalize marijuana, it will free up the resources necessary to make progress against cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

At this point, I do not believe that even those most opposed to the legalization of marijuana would try to argue that it is the same as trying to legalize cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. When the McClendon campaign accuses me of trying to legalize drugs, they are trying to convince the people of a lie.

Furthermore, I believe that most of the people in District11 would find the act of trying to convince voters of wanton and spurious exaggerations, for the purpose of winning an election, to be despicable.

As far as the other issues that I support, my platform has been that we should form a state lottery, pass a resort bill (limited casino gaming) and start taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol, and that we need to end corruption in Montgomery. If the McClendon campaign thinks that the majority of the people in St. Clair County are against the lottery, against a limited amount of casino gaming and want their elected leaders in Montgomery to be corrupt then I have two questions. Is there more than one St. Clair County in Alabama? Have I been campaigning in the wrong one?

This campaign is an has always been based on the truth and I am more than happy to meet Rep. McClendon anytime, anyplace, to debate the issues that face this state and what we can do to enrich the lives of those who live here.

If you want to vote for someone who thinks that Alabama is on the right track, if you want to vote for someone who is okay with the corruption in our state government, and if you want to vote for someone who will outright lie to the people in order to get their vote, then the McClendon campaign is for you… they appear willing to do whatever it takes to win.

However, if you want to vote for someone who will make the education of our children the state’s top priority, if you want to vote for someone who will shine a light on corruption, if you want someone who will put your best interest over their ability to win future elections then this is the campaign for you.

Sep 232014


sign16x9For too many years, our leaders have overlooked obvious avenues to create revenue because of the moral objections and financial interests of a limited number of Alabamians.

Ron’s Economic Plan

If we form a state lottery, pass a resort bill (casino gaming) and start taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol we could change the face of education in Alabama and solve many of the revenue problems facing our state, while providing more than 35,000 new jobs for the people of Alabama.

Projected New Revenue:

$800 million per year in new revenue for education
$360 million per year in new revenue the general fund
$126 million per year in new revenue for law enforcement
$57 million per year in new revenue for Alabama cities
$27 million per year in new revenue for Alabama counties
All together more than $1.3 billion in new revenue.

A recent study ranks Alabama as the sixth most politically corrupt state in the U.S. based on past convictions and spending patterns.

The governor and legislators like crow about cutting spending, but the simple fact is that those cuts are due to corruption, and if our elected officials choose to cut essential services rather than ending corrupt policies, addressing the corruption of those around them, or curbing their own corrupt practices, then they are committing an act of corruption because they are allowing themselves or others to gain benefit at the expense of the people of Alabama.

This must stop!

I will stand up for the people of Alabama, I will shine a light on wrongdoing, no matter what the source, but I need your help.

Sep 152014




Ron Crumpton, Democratic nominee for Alabama State Senate District 11, will be at the  St. Clair County, Alabama Democrats monthly meeting (open to the public, 6:30 – 8:30 pm) at the Pell City Recreation Center.

Ron will be in the parking lot to pass out Ron Crumpton 2014 yard signs from 5:45 until 6:45 p.m.

If you live in District 11, stop by, pick up a sign, and show your support!

* Additional locations are being scheduled throughout the district. More details shortly.

Facebook Event Page

Sep 042014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11

Part 6: Corruption in the Democratic Party


Corruption DemocratsThe Democratic Party once ruled politics in Alabama, but it now serves as a sad reminder to how corruption within the party system can lead to ruin at the expense those who support it.

The Republican Party did not invent political corruption, the Democratic Party has a ripe history of corruption in its past.

For a long time the Democratic Party enjoyed a supermajority in this state, much like the Republicans hold now, and if there is one thing that Alabama politics has proven, it is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is not a history lesson, corruption still exists within the party today, and that corruption has brought the Alabama Democratic Party to ruin.

At the state level, it now only exists as abstract extension of one man’s power. Continue reading »

Sep 032014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11


Part 5: Corruption in the Republican Party


30b1b1yFrom the Governor’s Mansion, to the Statehouse, to the Supreme Court Building political corruption is rampant, but state offices are not the only place to find political corruption in Alabama, and may just be symptoms of the true problem.

Due to their influence in Alabama politics, many believe that corruption within the parties may be the root of all of the evil in our political system… and they may be right.

Whether it accusations that he used his position to line his own pockets, or that he threatened candidates in his own party in an attempt to insure the reelection of a top lieutenant, Mike Hubbard’s name is the first to pop up when the subject of political corruption is mentioned in political circles.

This is due, in part, to the current grand jury investigation in to political corruption in Alabama. While grand jury proceedings are secret, court documents name Hubbard as the focus of the investigation.

Recently, an internal report from the Republican State Leadership Committee was leaked to Politico.com.

The report, which detailed the internal investigation by the RSLC, concluded that their leaders illegally conspired with Representative Mike Hubbard, who was chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, and others to launder funds that were considered toxic, or were in violation of Alabama law, from gaming interests.  More than $1 million raised by Hubbard was, reportedly, funneled through the RSLC and back to Republican entities, including the Alabama GOP, controlled by Hubbard. Continue reading »

Aug 282014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11


Part 4: Corruption in the Courts and Attorney General’s Office


Left to Right: Chief Justice Roy Moore and Attorney General Luther Strange

Left to Right: Chief Justice Roy Moore and Attorney General Luther Strange

While it is the job of the courts and the Alabama Attorney General’s office to investigate and prosecute corruption in this state, they are often at the center of the controversy, accusations and crimes.

It is their responsibility to apply the law in a fair and objective manner. Instead, they twist the law to support a political agenda, use their position to protect party leaders, or use the law to enrich themselves.

When members of the judicial system become part of the corruption, instead of being a deterrent to corruption, then the state ceases to be a free society. It is not the government that makes us free, it is our laws that make us free, and when the judicial system allows our laws to be corrupted by our government then freedom is an illusion.

Roy Moore: the road to religious oligarchy

Most of us know about Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and his crusade to display the Ten Commandments at the Supreme Court building, but his support for denying Alabamians their First Amendment rights does not end there.

In his comments to the Pastors for Life luncheon in Jackson, Mississippi, Moore made the argument that the First Amendment only applied to Christians. He argued that the word religion implies a creator god and said, “Buddha didn’t create us, Mohammed didn’t create us, it was the God of the Holy Scriptures.” Continue reading »

Aug 252014
By Ron Crumpton
Candidate for Alabama Senate District 11

Part 3: Corruption in the House and Senate


Corruption is kingThere is always an easy way to tell that is an election year in Alabama, someone has either plead guilty to, is in court for, has been indicted or is being investigated for charges of corruption in the Alabama House and Senate.

In 2006, it was the two-year college scandal, in 2010, it was the computer bingo scandal, and this year it is Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, and other members in the leadership of the Republican supermajority.

Now let me preface this by saying that there are good and able people from both parties representing the people of Alabama in the House and Senate, but there are some people who are without honor, and are nothing more than a horde of feckless thugs.

Mike Hubbard: the focus of grand the jury investigation in Lee County

So far, the Lee County grand jury on public corruption in Alabama has netted prosecutors with one legislator, Representative Greg Wren, R-Montgomery, pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of using his office for personal gain, he has agreed to testify against Hubbard, and four felony indictments against another, Representative Barry Moore, R-Enterprise, for saying that he did not make threats to kill projects in his area that would have created jobs and benefited the local community college if his opponent in the Republican primary did not withdraw when the conversation had been recorded by his challenger. Continue reading »