Apr 142014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


Shape tomorrowOne of the most common questions during the campaign has been “why in the world would you want to run for political office,” and honestly, I have even asked myself that question, but this weekend an event happened that reminded me of just why I am seeking this position.

Saturday morning, the campaign was at Columbiana Trade Day talking to the people, registering voters and passing out information about the campaign. A few booths down the path there were two ladies in their 70’s, who were selling Easter Baskets.

After I had been there for a couple of hours, one of the ladies came down to my booth and told me that I was causing quite a stir. People were still talking about their conversation with me when they were looking at the Easter Baskets, and she was shocked by what she had heard.

There had been a little bit of an incident about an hour before when a man, a staunch conservative, stopped by my booth and accused me of being the devil. He told me that I was going to burn in hell for my support of marriage equality. He went on to say that he had just moved to Columbiana from Jasper, and that he did not know who was running against me, but that is who he would be voting for.

I was able to maintain my composure, which was very hard, and asked him the same question that I ask everyone when he or she tells me that they are new to the area, “Have you registered to vote in Shelby County?”

The man was taken aback. He had just questioned my integrity, my political beliefs and one of his comments even questioned my parentage, but instead of getting mad and losing my temper, I offered to help him register to vote.

At that point, the man’s demeanor changed a great deal, the conversation became much more civil and the man wound up registering to vote.

The lady had witnessed this event, and she asked me why I would want this man to be registered to vote because he would not be voting for me.

I told her that supporting my campaign was not a prerequisite for voting in this election. That I was asking people to make me their representative in the senate, and for me to be an honest representative of the people, I had to represent everyone and not just those that agree with me, and if I acted any differently before the election then I did not deserve to be elected in the first place.

She said that she was just amazed that I would do that.

Then she told me that she had recently had a mild stroke, and that she had been having problems with her memory. She was having problems with Medicare not wanting to pay for the medicine that her doctor wanted her to take or pay for the tests that he wanted to run.

She said that she had contacted several elected officials trying to get help, but had come to the conclusion that all politicians are “as crooked as a sidewinder rattlesnake,’ and that we need people like me in office.

She went on to say that she was 71-years-old and she had never voted before, but she wanted to register to vote, so that she could vote for me.

After filling out the form, she held out her arms to hug me. When I bent down to hug her neck, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “You have a good heart and as long as you hold on to that you will be a good senator.”

People who have never participated in the process before are so exasperated with our government that after years of political apathy they are now compelled to see that change takes place because, more than ever before, they feel that their government has left them behind.

Sometimes, men and women of good consciousness cannot sit idly by while their government ignores their responsibilities to those that need their government the most, and that is why, I am running for office. To help those that cannot help themselves.

Apr 092014
By Ron Crumpton 
Democratic Nominee Alabama State Senate District 11

Old-Peter-Pan-1024x768-Wallpaper-ToonsWallpapers.com-The purpose of a political campaign is to inform voters on the issues, so that they can make an educated decision, but campaigns that start with mudslinging seldom benefit the voter or help them judge the candidates.

For better or worse, political attacks are a part of politics and a part of political campaigns, but there is a difference between an honest political attack and mudslinging.

If you look at my blog, it is not hard to find a political attack, but those attacks are honest and based in reality. Mudslinging, by definition, is the fraudulent use of personal attacks and insults in order to undermine an opponent.

Apparently, both of my potential opponents have decided to make the Republican primary, for Alabama Senate District 11, about mudslinging as opposed to focusing on the issues. Unfortunately, it is often easier for politicians win an election using these deceitful tactics; after all, it is easier to sling mud than it is to come up with viable solutions to the problems facing Alabama. Continue reading »

Apr 032014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


Alabama SealI have always said that Alabama would be the first southern state to pass medical marijuana legislation, and I realized that the legislation passed would probably fall short of expectation, but I never expected it to be the piece of crap that is Carly’s law.

I support children with epilepsy having access to CBD, but our legislature acted like a bunch of cowards. What about kids with cancer who could be helped by CBD oil, the original bill would have helped them too, but they were kicked to the curb in a secret deal at the last minute.

There are people who will not be alive when the next session starts, there are those who will suffer needlessly, when the legislature had the public support to make real change and did not. It may be progress, but that does not change the fact that most of the people who could benefit just from CBD oil, still cannot get that. Eric Sharp still can’t bring his son Brennan (Prayers for Brennan), who was diagnosed with Clear-Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney(CCSK), home from Colorado to be near his grandparents and other family. Continue reading »

Apr 022014


561359_372774392791292_1436520806_nbThis week Representative Greg Wren, R- Montgomery, plead guilty to charges of using his office for personal gain, and agreed to cooperate with the Attorney General’s ongoing grand jury investigation into corruption in Alabama Politics.

The investigation, which is being held in Lee County, House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s home district, is currently looking at a variety of accusations against Speaker Hubbard and has deposed more than a dozen influential Republican members of the Alabama legislature.

Indications are that this is not the actions of one person, but a criminal conspiracy involving several leaders of the Alabama Republican Party.

We can end this corruption in Montgomery, but to do that, I need your help. Continue reading »

Apr 022014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


pattern of corruptionIn describing Mike Hubbard’s legacy as Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives, “Pattern of Corruption” is the only term that accurately describes the Speaker’s actions over the last quadrennial.

Yesterday, Representative Greg Wren, R-Montgomery, resigned his seat in the Alabama House of Representatives and accepted a plea deal. In return for his cooperation in the ongoing investigation, Wren pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of using his office for personal gain. He also agreed to pay $24,000 in restitution to the state general fund.

More importantly, Wren agreed to cooperate with the Alabama Attorney General’s office in the ongoing investigation into political corruption.

His plea agreement states that Hubbard had a financial relationship with American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc., and endorsed language that would make the co-op the exclusive provider of prescription drugs for Medicaid in the State of Alabama. Continue reading »

Mar 172014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


Alabama State Senator, and Candidate for Alabama's 6th Congressional District, Scott Beason

Alabama State Senator, and Candidate for Alabama’s 6th Congressional District, Scott Beason

In a recent article by Tim Lockette of the Anniston Star, State Senator, and candidate for Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District, Scott Beason outlined his problems with Common Core standards, and in doing so, outlined the clueless thinking of many in the Alabama Republican Party.

In the article, Senator Beason referred to an essay in Prentice-Hall’s “American Experience 1900 to Present,” in which Vietnam veteran Tim O’Brien tells of his regret for killing a North Vietnamese soldier, and an excerpt from “Hiroshima,” by John Hersey, that tells of the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima from a “Japanese point of view.”

“What is the message that’s being put across?” Beason said. “Is it that we were the bad guys in Vietnam, or was it that we were the good guys in Vietnam? I think we’re the good guys. But I don’t get that out of this argument, I mean, of this story.” There’s a lack of balance, he said, that undermines American values.

In a previous interview, Senator Beason stated, “I want a conservative, honest, traditional, American values worldview, yes.”

In other words, Senator Beason thinks that we should teach our children only what he believes, without expressing opposing views of the events that has shaped our nation. That we should teach our children that U.S. action has always been right and just, and ignore the mistakes that we have made. Continue reading »

Mar 072014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


0085-logo-you-cant-fix-stupid-366x366After years as an activist, I thought that I had seen everything; I thought I could no longer be surprised by the lies and hypocrisy, but I was definitely wrong.

On Tuesday, I had two meetings, one with Representative Allen Farley and the other with Representative Paul DeMarco.

The first meeting went pretty much as expected, Allen Farley is a good friend, a good man and a fine representative who is willing to roll up his sleeves and work for the people of Alabama. He told me that DeMarco had remanded the bills to subcommittee.

The second meeting also went, pretty much, according to plan, initially. I told DeMarco that I really did not have anything else to say to him that he was obviously trying to kill Alabama Safe Access Project-ASAP’s legislative package. I pointed out to him that he had received over 600 requests for public hearings, which is an unheard of number of requests, but he was going to do, what he was going to do, but that in doing so he was making his bed and he would have to lie in it. He told me that he would speak to Representative Todd and that we would receive hearings on HB-487, the Alabama Industrial Hemp Act, and HB-488, the Alabama Marijuana Protection Act. Continue reading »

Feb 282014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


2183619BS-meter2This week, I have been lied too, called a liar, avoided, and pushed to the side… there is always plenty to do at the Alabama Statehouse.

After having my request to speak with Chairman DeMarco ignored for a week, I was finally able to track him down outside of a Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday.

I told him that I needed to talk about him about Alabama Safe Access Project-ASAP’s legislative package. With the session starting in five minutes, he told me to he would be glad to speak with me the next day.

I went by his office and there was no one there. I managed to speak to his assistant at 8:15 the next morning and we scheduled a 1pm appointment.

At 12:28 pm, I received a call from Chairman DeMarco’s assistant, who apologized and rescheduled the meeting for 2:30 pm.

At 2:11 pm, I received another call from Chairman DeMarco’s assistant, who told me that the chairman would be unable to see me on that day, and said that she was meeting with the chairman later and would get back to me with a new time for our appointment. Continue reading »

Feb 262014
By Ron Crumpton 
Candidate Alabama State Senate District 11


858f9fc1f0bffe46152e65f9b90fc0f8c085554067eb0ed75a1b9399dcbceb66Over the last 2 weeks, Chairman Paul DeMarco, has avoided or ducked attempts by Alabama Safe Access Project to discuss the future of our legislative package.

I first requested to speak with Representative Demarco, about HB-485, the Alabama Marijuana Freedom Act, HB-486, the Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act, HB-487, the Alabama Industrial Hemp Act, and HB-488 the Alabama Marijuana Protection Act last Tuesday. For over a week my request went unanswered. Finally, on Tuesday of this week, I ambushed Chairman DeMarco outside of the weekly Judiciary Committee hearing and he said he would be glad to see me today. I spoke with his assistant this morning and scheduled an appointment for 1pm, only to have that appointment rescheduled for 2:30pm before being told that he would be unable to meet with me before next week. Continue reading »

Feb 252014
By Ron Crumpton 
Democratic Nominee Alabama State Senate District 11


Chairman Paul DeMarco

Chairman Paul DeMarco

Today, I spoke briefly with Representative Paul DeMarco, and he has agreed to meet with me tomorrow to discuss Alabama Safe Access-ASAP’s legislative package.

Based on discussions that I have had with members of the Judiciary committee, the two bills with the most support are the Alabama Industrial Hemp Act and the Alabama Marijuana Protection Act, so I will be pushing for public hearings on those two bills.

To show backing going in, we are asking that every one sign the following petition to Chairman DeMarco. Continue reading »